Celebrating Each Child

Celebrating Each Child

Celebrating Each ChildCelebrating Each Child

About Us


Who We Are

Community Christian Academy is a private, nondenominational Christian school whose goal is to provide an affordable, value-centered education for grades K-8. 

CCA offers a quality academic program unused with our education beliefs and tied to California state and national standards. Each student receives individualized instruction appropriate to their unique learning style, augmented with field trips, computer instruction, art, music, and science camp. Regular communication of student progress enables you to partner with us in your child's growth and development. 


Our Beliefs About Children & Education

Each child is a unique individual with great promise. Inside every student there is a brilliant chid. There hasn't been in the past, nor will there be in the future, another child like yours. Each child is lead to discover their intirnsic worth and potential -- to be the child God created them to be. 

Children need a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual growth to be healthy and happy. 

Learning occurs best when the student enjoys the process. Education is effective when it creates an appetite to discover more and a desire to share those discoveries with others. 

The purpose of education is not to fill the mind with facts, but to teach a child to think for themselves. 


We Are Committed To...

1. Providing a Christ-centered environment that enables real life change, teaches how to have a relationship with God, and helps students learn how to follow Jesus in every area of their lives. 

2. Academic excellence through a personalized learning experience. We seek to identify your child's learning styles and work from their individual strengths, helping them achieve their full God-given potential. 

3. Affordable tuition. 


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We are located inside  St. John's United Church of Christ. 

Teacher and Principal: Valann Kampf

BA Elementary Education

BA English Literature

MA Counseling and Guidance

California Credentialed

Community Christian Academy

432 Cleveland St, Woodland CA 95695

(530) 383-1246